De Kampioenen


Featuring: H & C Bosua Dorderech and the partnership of Colijn – Ganus A look at thier birds and how they race at the highest level


Featuring: H & C Bosua Dorderecht & Colijn – Ganus of Neiuwendijk The super Bosual loft that excels on all races at all distances racing cocks and hens on widowhood. Cees talks about the origin of his family and expalians how they race in great detail showing all oif the lofts and how he feeds the birds, Great for those with linted time as the birds at thius loft only go out once a day!

Colijn – Ganus The trans Atlantic partnership of Pieter Colijn and Mike Ganus. We look at the breeders in and around the loft at how they are raced attaining super results.

Running time: 2hrs 20mins