Two Men Went To Tarbes


Featuring: Mark Bulled of Harlow in Essex, winner of 1st National flying Club Tarbs and Alwyn Hill of Ilkeston Derbyshire with his super poigeon Wingdown 3 times in the first 7 from the Tarbes National


The two fanciers featured in this film were both great north road racers but have now applied their skills to what is considered the greatest race of all ‘ The Tarbes Grand National’ with one of the most prestigous clubs in the UK, The National Flying Club

Mark Bulled from Harlow in Essex clocked his two year old chequer cock on the second day flying 558 miles only to have to sweat it out in case the birds further north would steal his thunder.

Alwyn hill of Ilkeston Derbyshire is one of them that fly a little further and his super pigeon ‘Wingdown’ was opne of those birds. Windown is possibly the best ever pigeon to race from Tarbes and has to be ranked as one of Europes Champion pigeons as he has finished, 7th Open National 3808b, 4th Open 3290b, and 2nd Open 2808b all thre times flying 676 miles and all three times competing with the National Flying Club, no other bird has ever achieved this